Tuesday, March 8, 2011

second one

If we really want to do well and be content in our lives and we also need to spend a peaceful life. We need to have a rendezvous with our Krishna as soon as possible. We should know that it is our duty to improve the quality of our lives so that the quality of our environment improves. To do this rendezvous we again go and find someone else, a guru, coach, trainer, spiritual speaker, as if they could arrange one. It is not possible, otherwise the amount of literature written to improve the quality of human life could have done it by now.

The number of books written and read throughout the world, and number of speakers and coaches available could have changed the lives by now. Nobody can do it. The reason being the one who is training is also in a misconception that he has fully awaken his Krishna and he starts giving lecture to all the rest thinking he has the power to change the course of life as Krishna did for arjuna. In this we forget one thing, he is present in all of us. If the person we are following can awaken it a bit why cant we. God himself said in all the possible religions that I am present within you. What does that mean? This means that we are within ourselves gods, who can make or break destiny. Yes, some of the powers are not with us, that of life and death. Rest whatever we do after coming into this world is in our hands and we can control it if not more than atleast by 80%.

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