Sunday, May 29, 2011


As a NLP coach it was my 30th training and in all of them there was one similar question that how come just thinking about something all the time makes us that person. I have answered this question so many times during all the workshops, to students, corporate world CEOs, and management guys, that now I feel that knowing so much about management and other things for such a long time, how can they forget one thing that is even the best of the architectural monuments in the world were once conceived and drawn as a mental picture only. If you cannot frame or make a mental picture how can you really bring that thing to life. Even a mother who is pregnant is shown some nice pictures of cute babies or godhead so that she start conceiving those pictures in her mind and a delivers a beautiful baby, such is the power of your subconscious. If this power can affect a baby who has not come to this world, think of how much it will affect him once he is there in this world. All the dreams become reality one day, whatever you conceive you give birth to that. If you cannot conceive or imagine how possibly can one become the parent of a new life which he or she wants to live. If I want to achieve success in life, I first need to think of the life I want as a successful person. It might not have the materialist things into it, still I should imagine what sort of a person I want to be. How will I walk, my successful life through. Success is again a dream which is realized by those who first see it and then take action towards it. Every player in this world first sees what and how he will be playing on the field then only he can transform that thing on the field. If you practice a shot thousand times in your brain you will play it on the field with the ease the way we drive our car subconsciously without even thinking of when to press break and when to change gears.

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