Sunday, May 29, 2011


Now with the previous note there arises another question in the workshop, when I tell them that it is your life and you need to think where you are taking it. Everyone has one question with a face that is like they want to eat me up. The question is how to cope with the circumstances which we have in life. There are no dreams in our society, parents, teachers, friends, they all influence our dreams and slowly we start believing that whatever they have told is our dream as well. We take up a profession which is acceptable to all of them, even if it is not to us. Well I am really thankful to Indian cinema that it at last threw some light on this topic, although cinema is cinema and you cant compare it to real life. I agree to this that Indian society and youth is driven by half lived and completed dreams of parents. Whatever the parents were not able to achieve in their lives they want their kids to achieve that. There is nothing wrong in a parent seeing and thinking about that. You can always do that, every parent loves their kid and they want the best for them, and believe me every kid should get the best, the thinking needs to go into, whether what the parents are deciding for the kid, the kid will be able to give his best into that or not. We as an individual are here in this world to do a unique thing, this was said years back in our own manuscripts and books which are really close to our heart like gita. There are kaurvas, pandavs, and rest all present in this world, and it is not that lord has not decided good for anyone of them. We all will have our share of being the king and also facing the troubles within this life. It depends upon us what we want our kids to be. If we want them to be pandavs, then we need to suffer with them in the starting and face the world so that they can come out as winners in the end and live a happy life thereafter. A parent can withstand a kid till he has the capacity to take care of him, those are like early 30 years to life. We need to give a full freedom to choose them as to which career they want to pursue and then support them in doing that. If you want your kids to be kauravs, who at start might live a luxurious life and at the end crib about their parents for not allowing them to choose what they wanted to choose, living a luxurious life doen’t necessarily means that the person is living a happy life. The more the luxury the more people tend to go towards things which are not good for life and health. We need to understand one thing as a parent that is god has given us a chance to become himself when he gives us a kid, we need to give direction and just watch the kid, not that we force him to do things. God just shows you path, he even motivates you, he is always there when you need him down and out, but he never pressures us to do something, and he never comes and does something for us. He did not do it for his best buddy arjuna, he just showed him path and made him fight his battle. Respect the godhead which is provided to you by the lord when he blesses us with a child.

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